Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yoga for the caregiver

Last night was wonderful... I actually did something for myself. I made it a point to leave work by 4 - this put me home at 4:45. I did the "routine" with Dad and then headed to the YMCA for a Yoga class. We have been members for several months now but I have yet to take a class. Husband came with me and he went to the gym while I went to Yoga. It was amazing. It was one hour all about me and my body and mind. After class we grabbed a smoothie and headed home. I took a shower and put my pj's on and still had plenty of time before I had to put Dad to bed. Why haven't I done this sooner?? It was also some nice time with Husband away from the house. Not quite a date night but still real nice. The best part was when I went in to put Dad to bed and he asked "How was Yoga?" Too Cute!!!!

Today my body is a little sore.. uh yeah - who says Yoga is not a workout??? I can't wait to go back tonight!!!!! I love this feeling!

It was 90 minutes away from the house that changed my whole outlook for the night and even for today.

They say that caregivers must make it a point to take care of themselves, this is so true and as time and Dad's MS moves on I feel that more and more.


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  1. Yoga can be such a treat to oneself. I just wanted to welcome you to the MS Blogging community. We have quite a few caregivers amongst the club. I look forward to following your journey.