Friday, October 9, 2009

I can't believe it's not butter...

Hey everyone, Pampered Chef is in..... sorry I forgot to deliver to you today.... I am so excited for my new gadgets to collect cobwebs! At least my cabinets will look as if I cook! But maybe I will use the chopper... that might be reasonable.

So I just finished reading Ghosts Among Us by James Van Praagh.. that is the first book that I have ever actually read cover to cover.. aside from the romance and vampire books I read. Usually I skip around and pick and choose what to read.. not this time.. this time I couldn't put it down! It was awesome! I know Momo is around every day! Read this book!

TGIF right???? Ok - well signing off for now.......

Monday, October 5, 2009

After all that are you serious?

After all that drama with Lisa (that I caused) guess who forgot to do her part of the birthday job.. yup oh yeah it was her.. not me! I had my cards in the mail at said destination 2 days early! Mmm hmmm.. what now?

Soooo.. husband suggested that he I and dress up as the Rock'em Sock'em robots for Halloween.... I think I need to get over my aggression soon....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Does it really matter??

This is already changing my life!!!!!!!

F**k it: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John Parkin

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We have something in common....

An excerpt from an email I received from a friend...

Morgan wanted me to tell you that he felt like his situation is nothing compared to your situation with your dad and he wasn't trying to compare his situation to your's because he knows he has it so much easier with his grandma. He told me to tell you this next time I talked to you. You ARE Mother Teresa, you know that, right?

My response...

Please tell Morgan that I have actually been thinking about him a lot... I never once thought anything of what we do in comparison to each other. Please relay this message... The truth is that it doesn't matter if I wipe Dad's butt and he doesn't do that for his Grandma... that is not what makes us members of the "club"... it isn't who does the most and I have never thought that at all. I appreciate the connection I have found with Morgan... it is the little things that seem so trivial that weigh so heavy.. and those are the things that Morgan and I have in common. For example when he told the story about being late to his Grandmas because of work and she wanted to know why he was late? "What was more important?" Those are the little things that do weigh so heavy and no one else truly "gets". I have been waiting to tell him this story because I knew he would get it... while we were in CA Helen stayed with my Dad to do the little things for bring him his lunch... so one day she brought him a plate with a sandwich and later he was raving about what a great sandwich it was... well the truth is that it was a sandwich that I had made him before we left and it was just like all of the other sandwiches I make him.... but for some reason it tasted better because he thought Helen did it. Go figure!!! She did laugh and tell him that I made it... so those are the things that we do have in common.... and I appreciate Morgan and who he is and what he does. I am not Mother Theresa.. in fact lately I am a freaking crazy woman! We just do what we do.... and I have a feeling Morgan will say the same.. the hardest part of it all is not what we do... it is thinking about what would happen if we weren't doing it.

Accidental Misfire

Well... I just lashed out at my best fried of 16 years.. I have never done that before.. not quite like that...F bombs and all. Why you ask? Because she reminded me that a friend's birthday is coming up.... because she knows I have a lot on my plate... and she was trying to help.... so I scratched her eyes out. Makes perfect sense right? Somebody better reel me in!

I am very sorry Lisa!